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To design a single standing building for a new garage house on a location on the perimeter of Tange’s City Wall urban ensemble in Skopje.


This architectural design attempts to answer two main questions – first, to obtain the maximal number of parked vehicles within a given volume, and second, considering the qualities and specificities of the urban location, to invent a rational but still inspiring and provocative appearance for the surroundings. The building plan is developed over a structural and communication core around which a system of one-way streets is enfolding, distributing cars to all the levels quickly and effectively. The RGB building envelope aims at becoming interactive information panel that in its extreme scenario would operate as an urban scale city light. In addition to the urban park that is nearby the building, the surface will also be exploited as a giant open-air cinema screen that will “enlighten” the dusks of warm Skopje afternoons. Although contradictory in nature, this concept aims in merging the commercial and the cultural radiations over Skopje metropolitan center. Floor and ceiling surfaces within the building are exploited as painting canvases onto which car cliparts are painted. By this gesture we tried to enrich the commonly utilitarian surfaces employing the tools of “street art” culture.