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To design new municipal building for the local administration of Karposh.


Објектот е обид да се препознаат и интерпретираат урбаните, природните и културните карактеристики на општината како и да се воспостави врска со околното ткиво каде сеуште доминира модернистичката урбана типологија.

The building will try to interpret the natural, cultural, urban and political characteristics of the Karposh municipality, working with the recognized narratives of democracy, urbanity and landscape. Initially, the building tries to establish connection with the urban surrounding where modernist morphology is still dominant. The building volume is interpolated in the current neighborhood tissue in a way that the building footprint does not interrupt the existing pedestrian networks. Apart from the new pedestrian passage planned on the southern border of the location, a new public space is developed in front of the main entrance; in that sense the already built scenery gains a new spatial experience – a porch. This gradual transition from the public street space towards the space within the building in a way softens the approach to the municipality institution itself. Using single pavement material, both outside and inside the ground floor, the idea is to treat the foyer as a continuity of the public space. In regards to the architectural output, in times when the local architectural production is mostly far away from being rational, the organization of the building recalls the local heritage of the Modernism. The building aims at being functional, easy to use and derives from a known typology where program is distributed around an open courtyard. The regular volume, however, of the internal void is further marked by an organic wooden structure whose geometry derives as a distant cultural echo from the mosaics of the ancient roman settlement Scupi - today within the borders of the Karposh municipality.