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To design multiuse sports hall for 3000 spectators with additional commercial space.


The design responds to the specificities of the location, the bank of river Vardar. The design itself is an attempt to rework the common typology of introvert sport facilities into a novel, extrovert model. Having this in mind, the northern façade of the building is perforated to an extent it encompasses the whole landscape of the river Vardar, which becomes part of the interior. This allows the transparent membrane to emit pictures from inside toward the outer/external recreational zone and also for the outside to be absorbed by the audience inside. The arena court is lower than the ground level, a decision that enables both a lower total height of the building, as well as quick and easy access to and out of the building. The western part of the sports hall is developed over three vertical levels with commercial and administrative spaces oriented toward the inner part of the building and the newly formed public space in front of the entrance. The overall architectural language and materials correspond to the character and the content of the building, trying to initiate rational and contemporary aesthetics. The building surface is a combination of repeatable, prefabricated elements, an idea derived from the logic of bigger economy in the process of construction.